Li yi believes that graphic software has a profound influence on design style: different graphics software makes different works, different people have different styles, and different styles will lead to different effects. Such as Photoshop, Flash, Painter, Coreldraw.

Flash and Coreldraw are two commonly used animation software of li yi. In 2005, the animation “slimming” used Coreldraw software, with bold colors, rich and detailed characters and vivid and true plot.

In 2003, Li yi’s early graphic language application experiment “Qingxiang” — a preliminary combination of texture and character graphics.
The animation “looking for Bresson” was Li yi’s student work and was selected into the 2017 French Fontevraud animation artist residency program after repeated revisions. This is a sentimental fairy tale, the blind girl pussy in the company of the dog Bresson, across the obstacles, to find her own eyes,finally she finds her eyes, but she will never see her friend.
The search for a pine is Li yi’s process of creating new texture effects. The girl’s figure is finally rendered by the way of Fumage. Smoking is a unique representation that makes Pussy’s image more recognizable. (smoking: after leaving a burn mark on the paper with a candle, polish it with tools such as brush/feather.) They are warmer than film, but not as stuffy as paintings. True to life without loss of art, delicate and not rigid. Therefore, pussy’s image gives a sense of lightness and transparency. The use of smoking techniques in animation is more unique and memorable.