Selected Portfolio Review Exhibition

The class of 2019


The portfolio review exhibition of the graphic design program of Michael Grave College, the class of 2019, was successfully organized in FAX Gallery recently. Nine graphic design graduates were selected for the excellent show. Their works include cross-industrial design, design for mobile, poster design, identity design, interactive media design, and so on. Four creative directors from well-known agencies were invited as reviewers. They emphasized that graphic design does not only mean a nice graphic image but a comprehensive understanding of cross-disciplinary design. How to use design to solve actual problems existing in society is the essential purpose, which stands for the criteria of the portfolio review.

Selected work

Chen Lvming

Beehive laundry machine: Beehive laundry machine: Beehive laundry machine used replaceable inner core. It solves some problems like clothing is missing, not health, etc.Sleepwel: Sleepwel: Sleepwel is a pillow design. It is designed for those who don’t sleep well because of the noise. Also, it is comfortable and easy to carry.Miketalk: The magazine invited three different people to introduce the experience of using different photographic equipments and experience.Hu HaotingWarriorshoes branding redesign: Branding redesign is surrounded by Dupont paper, Dupont paper is a hard, waterproof and lightness paper, which suggests the basic spirits of the nation. Wind, forest, fire and mountain are basic elements of the brand.Cheng Xiaoxiao

VE is a vegetarian brand, which is designed for the people who is work and live in city.


Other works from  Wang Yue, Jiang Shengbo, Jin Xiaohui, Zhu Qinyuan, Huang Shasha,Wang Chengzi.


All graduates work already upload Our graduates have completed four years of professional courses. and achieved a BA degree in Graphic Design: interactive, printing and screen. 16 out of 23 graduates have gotten the offer from the graduate program, such as University of The Arts London, University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, University of Sydney, Academy of Art University, Parsons, SCAD. Congratulation!


Writer| Wang Yue Song Jingyi

Image| Wang Yue Zhao Sirui

Editor| Song Jingyi Tang Yikun

Adviser| Huang Yaoyao Chen Cheng