On Design, On Life

The Theme:

On Design, On Life


Location: CBPM room C119


Time: Wednesday of 13th March 18:30


On March 13th, Nick who is Vincent’s old friend came to Wenzhou Kean University and gave lecture about his life of design. He introduced that his major was cloth design, then he turned to interior design naturally. His concepts of interior design is comfortable, pleasure and fine, which make he can design things bring happy to people. He emphasized that design has a close relationship to life. Enjoying life, experiencing life and observing life can provide huge help to design. He introduced his life as an example. He likes joining desert rally and met many friends in desert. He always invites these friends to his place to have a drink and chatting together. His office is in Suzhou, a beautiful city. He did many cozy decorations in his office, such a tea pavilion, a coffee room, some trees and some pets. He said his daily life is enjoying the life. It is his love to life and many life experiences make he can design beautiful things. He also introduced some interior design he made for his friends or clients. All the students here learned a lot from this lecture, especially experiencing life.


Image| Song Jingyi

Writer| Guo Yupeng  Song Jingyi