B.I.D. in Industrial Design


Product designers combine form, function and aesthetics to develop objects and experiences used every day by people around the world.

The BID Product Design program provides a solid foundation in general design, visual arts and design history as well as extensive hands-on design experience to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently shape the world through design.

With a focus on sustainable and social design as well as form development and functionality of the design concept, the program approaches product design from a human-centered, environmentally conscious perspective.

Product design students benefit from an active studio-based program that combines knowledge and skills with practical experience through networking opportunities, internships, part-time employment, and exciting professional events so they can confidently begin their careers as professional designers.

Major Required Courses

Industrial Design Fundamentals
Furniture Making
History of Industrial Design
Industrial Design Fundamentals
Model Design
Design Delineation
Industrial Design Studio
Portfolio for Industrial Design

B.I.D in Industrial Design
Program Guide Sheet

4-Year Plan

Graduation Requirement

Minimum 120 GPA
Overall GPA above 2.0
Major GPA above 3.0