Architectural Studies (B.A.)


The B.A. degree in Architectural Studies is a studio-oriented design program. Students focusing on Architecture will develop expertise in the creation of built structures and environments for public audiences. The curriculum includes a concentration in this design discipline and a broad foundation in the liberal arts, studio arts, and art history. Emphasis is placed upon creative problem-solving, design competence and technical skills. The program of study also develops skills in critical thinking, and oral and written communications. The design of meaningful buildings and places in major metropolitan areas will be a focus of the program.

Major Required Courses



Architecture and urbanism focuses on the relation between architecture and the city. Students learn through experimentation (Studio) and through the history of urban theory (Theory).


Construction and Architecture stress the relation between architectural design and construction. From the history of built forms and tectonic theories to the large scale mock-ups construction, students get a comprehensive understanding of architecture as a built artifact.


In Landscape and Architecture, students are exploring architecture in its horizontal dimension. Through site visit, projects and readings, they will understand the relation between architecture and the environment, both manmade and natural.


During this theory course, students will understand the impact of Architecture on the environment and society. They will learn the relationship between ecology, landscape and architecture and how architecture is related to these.


Urban building is a studio course that focuses on architecture within an urban environment and that stresses the vertical dimension. During the studio, students will explore the potential of programmatic manipulation within an urban context.


The design of individual structures in a manner that addresses an increasingly complex program is addressed.  Themes include detailed site conditions, functional program, structural and enclosure systems, ecological and environmental impact, and the historical and cultural themes appropriate for the topic.

Architecture (M.Arch.)


Wenzhou-Kean University’s Master of Architecture program focuses on the relationship between architecture and its environment through the combination of technology and design. The program is dedicated to train global architects with great academic skills, creative thinking, and a deep knowledge about contemporary architecture challenges. Students are required to study technical, design and representation skills.

According to the standards of National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), the course modules consist of Complex Program, Building Systems, Building Systems Integration, The History and Theory of Architecture, Professional Practice, Travel Option, Globalization and Urbanization, Construction technology, and Comprehensive Design.

Through the study in studios and projects that combine professional and practical skills, students will obtain the ability of architecture complex design. WKU provides international career guidance and professional training. After the study of Master, students will become a comprehensive architectural talent with international vision, open and innovative spirit by furthering study at USA and obtaining the license of The American Institute of Architects. Graduates could work in several fields such as Architecture and Design, Urban Design, Interior Design, Architecture Research, and the Management of Design Project.

2 YR Masters Sequence


Course Modules Credits54
Required Courses 42
Electives 12


*The Architecture department will evaluate the pre-courses of a student who is non-graduate from Architecture. If the evaluation shows that the student does not meet the requirement, the department will formulate a first-year pre-course plan according to the undergraduate courses of the student.

3+YR Masters Sequence

Advisory Board


James Weike, AIA

Founding Partner and Design Principal, Chiasmus, Shanghai and Seoul


Christopher Chan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Principal, Shanghai Office


Dr. Zheng Xiaodong

Member of CPC Committee and Vice Chancellor, Wenzhou-Kean University


Lin Chen

Founder and Principal,MEEM HOUSE,Shanghai


Dr. Hu Rongrong

Professor, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology