B.F.A. Graphic Design


Using words and visuals across the media landscape, Graphic Design creative professionals inform, educate, persuade, and delight. In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, graphic designers must visually communicate to and engage the audience at every point of contact both in print and on screen.

The BFA Graphic Design is a professional degree. Students focusing on Graphic Design will develop expertise in the creation of visual communications for a broad array of print and digital applications.

After taking a foundation in the fundamentals of design, drawing, typography, and design technologies, students then pursue an area of specialization by taking a focused group of courses in identity; branding, web design, motion graphics, mobile, among other choices. A concentration is developed with guidance from a faculty adviser. The curriculum also includes a broad foundation in the liberal arts and art history.

Emphasis throughout the course of study is on creative problem solving and critical thinking, design competence, and technical skills. The program of study also develops skills in oral and written communications.

In addition, the Graphic Design program includes presentations and reviews by professional designers and practical work experience for real clients through in-house internships in print and screen-based design. Students in the program are encouraged to pursue internships and part-time employment in the field, to participate in events sponsored by professional organizations such as the AIGA, and to meet design professionals during seminars, portfolio reviews, and other special events — including the world-class Thinking Creatively Design Conference.

The degree program concludes with capstone courses in which students set goals and create a professional portfolio that enables them to competently and confidently enter the job market. Our goal is to give students the knowledge, skills, resources and support in concept strategy, techniques, best practices, and methods to insure their successful entry into and continuing success in the exciting field of graphic design.

Major Required Courses

Studio Skill
Understanding Images
Concept to Print
Motion Graphic
Expressive Imaging
Branding Strategies
Mobile Design
Critical Perspectives in Design

Program Guide Sheet

4-Year Plan

Graduation Requirement

Minimum 120 GPA
Overall GPA above 2.0
Major GPA above 3.0