Ferney Manrique Aragon

Office: GHKH A208

E-mail: manriquf@kean.edu



I am a graphic designer with an M.A in digital media from the London Metropolitan University and a Diploma in Digital Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan. Currently enrolled in the Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought Department at the European Graduate School, where I am undertaking a Ph.D. degree in Literary, Musical & Visual Thought.

I combine professional work as a designer with academic activity. I have had the opportunity to work in design and academy in several countries such as the UK, China, UAE, and Japan for more than eleven years.

Besides academia, I have also spent about 17 years working in the graphic, and interactive design field under the freelance studio TRAPECISTA.

I am passionate about photography, be it either digital or analog, in this field I have built a thorough digital portfolio here.

I have taken part in several photography and art exhibitions in London, China and, Japan.

In my role as a designer and educator, I have paid special attention to methodologies the academy implements to develop creative tools and frameworks.

In this regard, one of the assets that have caught my attention is related to the roots of creativity, innovation and the conception of original ideas that benefit society.


Research interests

The emergence of new technologies at neck-breaking speed as well as the current philosophical shift embracing daring theories related to posthumanism and artificial intelligence are some of the topics of my research.

The widespread and fast development of new technologies is transforming the way humans interact, how we relate to ourselves and to society. These changes are obviously reflected in art, design, and education.


Publications/scholarly and creative work

Professional Portfolio

Photography Portfolio