Graham Brenton McKay

Assistant Professor



Graham McKay has a Master of Architecture from the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he studied in the atelier of Kazuo Shinohara. His main architectural interest is how to make high-rise, high-density housing more social. He sees himself as more of an academic in commercial environments and more of a pragmatist in academic ones. These sides of architecture and his thoughts on it are explored in his teaching, his research, and his blog, now in its thirteenth year.


Academic Experience

University of Sharjah UAE, Sharjah UAE: Permanent Lecturer
University of Sharjah UAE, Sharjah UAE: Visiting Lecturer
University of Sharjah UAE, Sharjah UAE: Part-time Lecturer
Islamic Azad University, Dubai UAE: Part-time Lecturer
Ajman University of Science and Technology, Ajman UAE: Part-time Lecturer

Education Background

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Master of Architecture, Atelier of Kazuo Shinohara
University of Western Australia
Bachelor of Architecture


Research interests

Modern Vernacular
Property, Time & Architecture
High-rise Housing in the Countryside
16,777,216 Architectures


Publications/scholarly and creative work

A Shinohara House is a Work of Art, 2019
Architecture is in Motion, Again, 2019
The Nine-Step Architectural Beauty Detox Plan, 2017
It’s Time for a New Definition of Architectural Beauty, 2017
When did “Context” Become a Dirty Word in Architecture? 2017
Whatever Happened to the “Architects’ Architect”? 2016
The Ethics of Rendering: Acceptable Lies When Anything is Possible, 2016
Unspoken Communications: A How-To for Young Architects, 2017
The Pleasures and Futility of Teaching Drawing to Students, 2016
A Rationalist in Venice, 2016
Architecture Reductions / Old Ideas for New Architectures, 2016