Graham Brenton McKay

Assistant Professor



Graham Brenton McKay has been a permanent lecturer at University of Sharjah UAE since the fall of 2011. For the last decade he has been a lecturer at University of Sharjah UAE, Islamic Azad University and Ajman University of Science and Technology.
As a former architecture editor at WS Atkins & Partners Overseas, Dubai, Graham Brenton McKay was worked on Atkins Architecture, UAE Construction Worker Housing Proposal, etc. He was also a former senior architectural designer at DLG architects, London.


Academic Experience

University of Sharjah UAE, Sharjah UAE: Permanent Lecturer
University of Sharjah UAE, Sharjah UAE: Visiting Lecturer
University of Sharjah UAE, Sharjah UAE: Part-time Lecturer
Islamic Azad University, Dubai UAE: Part-time Lecturer
Ajman University of Science and Technology, Ajman UAE: Part-time Lecturer

Education Background

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Master of Architecture, Atelier of Kazuo Shinohara
University of Western Australia
Bachelor of Architecture


Research interests

Modern Vernacular
Property, Time & Architecture
High-rise Housing in the Countryside
16,777,216 Architectures


Publications/scholarly and creative work

A Shinohara House is a Work of Art, 2019
Architecture is in Motion, Again, 2019
The Nine-Step Architectural Beauty Detox Plan, 2017
It’s Time for a New Definition of Architectural Beauty, 2017
When did “Context” Become a Dirty Word in Architecture? 2017
Whatever Happened to the “Architects’ Architect”? 2016
The Ethics of Rendering: Acceptable Lies When Anything is Possible, 2016
Unspoken Communications: A How-To for Young Architects, 2017
The Pleasures and Futility of Teaching Drawing to Students, 2016
A Rationalist in Venice, 2016
Architecture Reductions / Old Ideas for New Architectures, 2016