Assistant Professor
Office: GHKH A222



ARCH 1201 Architectural History I
ARCH 1301 Representation I: Hand Skills
ARCH 1302 Representation II: Hand Skills
ARCH 1303 Representation III: Hand and Digital Skills
ARCH 2103 Studio III: Landscape
ARCH 2104 Studio IV: Urban Building
ARCH 2603 Theory III : Ecology, The Environment and the Ethics of Architecture
ARCH 3106 Studio VI Travel: Rome
ARCH 3205 Identity and Architecture
ARCH 4111 Vertical Studio I



For the past four years, she has helped to design and develop the nascent architecture program at the School of Public Architecture within Kean USA. She has experience building over ten new academic courses within the architecture program, in the United States, China, and within study abroad programs in Rome and Paris. She has been a part of the vital initial accreditation process (NAAB) for the program in the US.
Since 2015 she has been involved with the Institute for Public Architecture (IPA) in New York City, where she is on the advisory board and have organized multiple public discussions. She is also chair of the publications committee and edited and designed the IPA’s first publication “Live Work for the Workforce” which was published in August 2019.


Education Background

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Master of Architecture

Architectural Association School of Architecture
Undergraduate studies, Intermediate School

Uppsala University
Bachelor of Arts in Art History with a minor in Psychology


Academic Experience

Thomas Leeser PllC, USA: Architectural Designer
Jonathan Kirschenfeld Architects PC, USA: Architectural Designer
Institute for Public Architecture (IPA), USA: Advisory Board Member, Chair of Publication Committee, Editor of research publication Live/Work for the Workforce
SA-DA, USA: Architectural Designer
Fokus arkitektur, Sweden: Architectural Intern Position


Research Field

Advisory Board Member and Chair of Publications for the Institute for Public Architecture
Chapter Member of the Architecture Lobby in New York
Spearheading a publications project (SoPA Press) within the School
of Public Architecture at Wenzhou-Kean University



Landscape and Infrastructures, SoPA Press, 2020
Live/Work for the Workforce, Institute for Public Architecture, 2019
Studio III: Landscape, SoPA Press, 2019
In Process, Pratt Institute, 2014-2016