Lecture | Simulated Drawings


Stephanie Sang Delgado

Co-Director, Office CA

Assistant Professor, Kean University

The lecture will focus on the work of my practice, Office CA, a design collaboration led by Galo Canizares and Stephanie Sang Delgado. We are interested in exploring the literal, the mundane, and the playful. Regardless of the format, whether it be an installation, mural, or building project, our objective is to highlight hidden oddities or curiosities that constitute our daily interactions with spaces and objects. We make material things, which we smash, inflate, and knock over. We write down thoughts about fictional worlds and alternate realities/ timelines/ futures. We research curious objects like software, duct tape, mylar, PLA, and bean bags. We are fascinated by the absurdities of constraints, codes (in every sense of the word), and histories of architecture. Through the act of designing and making, we strive to continue a dialogue about physical/virtual realities, representation, user agency, and the built environment.

6:00-7:30 p.m.
February 22nd, 2024 (Thursday)

GHK Hall B209