Yuanbo Jiang – Trico


Office:GHKH A212

E-mail: yujiang@kean.edu


Courses Teaching activities

GD 1000 Computers in GD

DSN 1103 Visual Techniques I

DSN 4006 Digital Visualization Techniques

GD/ID/INTD studio courses


Research Field

– Wabi-Sabi aesthetics

– Typographic design

– 2D to 3D Design language

– Industrial design

– Visual communication design

– Methodology of Design



With a 2D and 3D design background, he believes that designers need to use design expression to establish an effective design language to complete the communication between people and people, people and society, people and themselves. His practice-based research focuses around 2D and 3D design language. At present, he is committed to expanding the research of visual language in the field of aesthetics, and the research of information design based on data.


Education Background


Master of visual communication in Royal College of Art, United Kingdom.

Master of visual communication in Shantou University, China.

Bachelor of Arts in Design (Architectural Landscape Design)

Exchange Program in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, German

Exchange Program in International Art College of Niigata, Japan



Faint Memories: The Wabi-Sabi Aesthetics In London Underground Space, 2018


Social and education Experiences

Art director in Next,Plz Design Studio, China

Graphic teacher in CSVPA China

Visual Design Director in Dashang Group, China

A VIP Artwork Seat in the Here AND There Exhibition, United Kingdom

Creative Director in YUNZO London, the United Kingdom

Teaching Assistant and Translator in “Design Summer 10” workshop, China

Teaching Assistant in “Design Summer 9” workshop, China

Visual Director in Shenzhen Weiheng Film Company, China

Intern at Hesign Design Studio, German

Intern at Beijing WU Yong Design Studio, China

Intern in “Design Summer 5” workshop, China


Honors & Awards

100 Best Designs of the Year Award360° 2020

Platinum Creative Excellence Award 2021

Creative Award of China’s First Most Beautiful Travel Book Contest 2019

Excellence Award in the First Creative X Community Gay Theme Creative Contest 2015

Excellence Award in Kan Tai-keung Global Chinese Design Competition 2015

Grade Award in Blend-2015 International Font Creative Design Competition

Excellent Award of Blend-2015 International Font Creative Design Competition

Beijing Design Week 2015

Fusion-Level Award of International Font Creative Design Competition 2015

Grade Award in Global Warming Public Welfare Poster Competition 2014

National Graduate Scholarship


Some Selected Projects

Research on Chaoshan Ancestral Hall, Book design

Propland: Reprogramming Television Centre, Book design

New Island-Part Three, Installation art