Qixin Chen


Industrial Design

Office: GHK A204

Email: qchen@kean.edu

Website:  https://qixinchen.com



DSN 1103 Visual Techniques I

DSN 1104 Visual Techniques II

IND 2301 Model Design


Education Background

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Germany

Diplom (Ba.+ Ma.), Industrial Design

Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

BA. Journalism

California State University, Long Beach, USA. 

Exchange Program in Industrial Design



Qixin Chen is a multidisciplinary designer, design lecturer. With a background as a journalist, she started her design journey in 2016 at the State Academy of Design and Arts in Stuttgart, Germany. Her work focuses on cultural and social themes, such as intercultural communication, living culture, and environmental protection. She also specialises in concept development using a design thinking methods. After graduation, she works with alumni HP Lutsch as collective endeavour, chen+lutsch creatives. They create emotionally engaging and coherent concepts for products, spaces and art objects, as well as the unique design languages of the East and the West.


Research Interests

Product Language and Semiotics


Design Projects

2022 Sugar: a love-hate story

2021 Hide/Show

2021 Huggit

2020 Modules living

2019 Escort

2019 Back to Back, Face to Face

2019 Life for Rent

2019 Measure of Life

2018 Calisa

2018 Nocheese

2017 Allnamente

2017 Tea Raclett

2016 Wave

2016 Dynamic Forming



IKEA Stipendium Diplomarbeit Industrial Design, Munich