Ralph Spencer Steenblik

Assistant Director of the WK-Labs, Urban Design Think Tank
Office: A405
E-mail: rsteenbl@kean.edu



-ARCH 1101: Studio 1, Urbanism and Architecture
-ARCH 1102: Studio 2, Architecture and Elements
-ARCH 1201: History 1, Historical Development of Architectural Issues
-ARCH 1601: Theory1 Elements and Principles1, Intro to Understanding Architecture

-ARCH 2103: Studio 3, Landscape
-ARCH 2104: Studio 4, Architecture and Urban Building
-ARCH 2303: Representation 3: Hand and Digital Skills
-ARCH 3401: Structures 1
-ARCH 4211: Vertical Architecture History/Theory I
-ARCH 4311 Vertical Representation I: Hand and Digital Skills

-DSN 1102: Visual Form II


Education Background

Southern California Institute of Architecture,
Master of Architecture

Angewante Kunst,Vienna,Austria
Deep futures Studio——Rashid
Competitive Study Abroad under Hani Rashid

Arizona State University
Bachelor of Architecture


Ralph Spencer Steenblik has lectured, published, exhibited, and curated globally. His work exhibited at Art Basel, VERGE 19, Site Santa Fe’s Design Lab, The International Festival of Arts & Ideas and in London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Wenzhou, China, focuses on the crossover between analog and digital processes. He spoke at Tongji University’s CAUP digitalFUTURES, CAADRIA, CAAD Futures(Korea), ACADIA(MIT), AIANY; and as a keynote at a symposium at Yonsei University. His work is published prolifically. An invited peer-reviewer for The International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC), he also oversaw the masterplan for a rural Chinese village, published as “A Manifesto for Xinwu Village”.

A professor at Kean University’s School of Public Architecture, he has taught at Pratt Institute, NJIT, CUNY, and has sat as critic on juries at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Pratt, CUNY, FIT, Parsons, NJIT, NYIT, Wesleyan University, Kean University, University of Hartford, and ISU (ID). His influence has been felt at design offices such as Asymptote and is a founding member of an innovation platform at Pelli Clarke Pelli. Some projects of note include The Hudson Yards Masterplan, The Ping An International Finance Centre (second tallest building in China), The Beinecke Library renovation at Yale University, Arizona State University Business School in Tempe, USA, and renovation at the World Financial Center, New York. He founded his interdisciplinary project, phi architecture, with clients such as Google, Huayi Space, and Venture Anyway, in 2004. He holds a masters from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture).

Steenblik acts from the philosophy that interdisciplinary collaborations infuse spaces with nuanced solutions, and is interested in creating urban complexity and intricacy on the macroscale and inspiring, interactive spaces on the micro scale. Incorporating advanced digital tools and sustainability offers new opportunities to this ongoing project.


Academic Experience

Assistant Director, WK-Labs Urban Design Think Tank Kean University/Wenzhou-Kean University Teaching a full range of curriculum and acting administrator of the WK-Labs UDTT, and Architectural shop
(2018 – Ongoing)Newark, NJ/Wenzhou, CN

Adjunct Professor, New York City College of Technology
Teaching 1st & 4th year design studio and visual studies in conjunction with robotics research(2015 – 2018)Brooklyn, NY

Visiting Instructor, New Jersey Institute of Architecture Teaching 3rd year visual studies
(2017)Newark, NJ

Visiting Instructor, New York City Institute of Technology Building technology seminar
(2015 – 2016)Brooklyn, NY

VIsiting Instructor, Pratt Institute

Teaching 4th year design studio with Prof. Dan Bucsescu(2015-2016) Brooklyn, NY

Conference Co-organizationer, Pratt Institute Sculpting the Architectural Mind(2015) Brooklyn, NY

Teaching Assistant, Southern California Institute of Architecture under professor Marcelyn Gow (2012)Los Angeles, CA

Guest Instructor, Die Angewandte Kunst
Parametric modeling workshop with object oriented modeling in Grasshopper under professor Andrei Gheorghe (2011)Vienna, Austria

Teaching Assistant , Southern California Institute of Architecture Architectural History II under professor Dora Epstien Jones (2011)Los Angeles, CA

Teaching Assistant, Southern California Institute of Architecture
Curry Stone Design Prize Research Dosey Seminar under professors , David Mohney, past dean at the University of Kentucky and Chris Genik, Undergraduate dean at SCI-Arc.
(2010)Los Angeles, CA


Research Field

Competitions, projects, and international initiatives including

Chinese Cultural Asset Digital Documentation (CCADD) Grant funded project which includes VR, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and online platforms for disseminating immersive spatial information)

Intelligent Infrastructures including

Neuromorphic, Anticipatory, Epigenetic Architectural Systems

The Theoretical Implications of Conscious Spaces

Material Research including

Full scale fabrication of experimental structures

Deploy-able structures

Local craftsmanship in the digital age



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Steenblik, R. S. (2010). Move: An exploration of Positive Parametrics an ideology for a new millennium. Los Angeles, CA: RW Informatics. doi:https://www.amazon.com/Convergence-Work-Ralph-S-Steenblik/dp/1468156020

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Los Angeles Art Walk (Summer 2009), Relatively Spatial Curated by Steenblik, R. S., et al., Los Angeles, CA


2018 Honorary Consultant to Xinwu Village, China

2018 Professor of the year award

2018 Best paper award, Tongji University, digitalFUTURES conference

2019 Selected for exhibition at Verge 19, Oakland, California

2019 Selected for exhibition at Art Basel (GaleriaZero)

2018, 2019 Guest Jury Honorarium XJTLU