Maurizio Vrenna

Assistant Professor
Industrial Design Program



DSN1101 Visual Form I

DSN1102 Visual Form II

DSN1103 Visualizing Techniques I

DSN1104 Visualizing Techniques II

IND1310 History of Industrial Design

IND2302 Design Delineation

IND2350 Production Methods

IND3308 Industrial Design Studio II

DSN4000 Critical Perspectives in Design



Maurizio Vrenna is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Design at Wenzhou-Kean University. He holds a Ph.D. in Management, Production, and Design from Politecnico di Torino (Italy), and has been studying in Tsinghua University and Tongji University (China). During his career, he developed innovative products and services, working for clients such as Ferrari, Ducati, and Juventus. He performs advisory services for Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership on climate change. His research interests are sustainable design, product-service system design, and design theory. He is a member of AAIIC – Association of Italian Academics in China and IDA – Italian Design Association, as well as a judge for well-known design prizes, for instance the Kapok Design Awards China.


Education Background

Ph.D. in Management, Production and Design at Politecnico di Torino, Turin – Italy (09/2017 – 03/2021)

M.A. in Design at Tongji University, Shanghai – China (02/2015 – 01/2016)

M.Sc. in Ecodesign at Politecnico di Torino, Turin – Italy (09/2013 – 02/2016)

B.Arch. in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Torino, Turin – Italy (09/2009 – 02/2013)


Publications/scholarly and creative work

Rizzuti, E., & Vrenna, M. (2021). Расширение возможностей Танграма в нейтрально- воображаемой игровой площадке, которая способствует этапам развития детей [Expanding the possibilities of tangram in a neutral-imaginary playground to promote the stages of children’s development]. Science Prospects, 8(143), 74–78.

Vrenna, M., Peruccio, P. P., Liu, X., Zhong, F., & Sun, Y. (2021). Microalgae as future superfoods: Fostering adoption through practice-based design research. Sustainability, 13(5), 2848. doi:10.3390/ su13052848.

Vrenna, M. (2021). Design and microalgae. A self-produced system to grow Spirulina for food use. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Politecnico di Torino, Italy).

Peruccio, P. P., & Vrenna, M. (2021). Circular economy in rural areas. In L. Topliceanu (Ed.), Circular economy in rural areas comparative study among participant countries (comparative study among regions from Italy, Spain, Greece and Romania). Bacau, Romania: University of Bacau.

Vrenna, M. (forthcoming). Systemic design. In X. Liu (Ed.), Sustainable design. Beijing, China: Beijing University Press.

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