Mieke Paulsen Bahmer

Assistant Professor

Office: GEH B217
E-mail: miekeb@wku.edu.cn, mpaulsen@kean.edu



AH 1700

GEH 2025

AH 1701

Roman and Greek Art, Medieval Art


Education Background

PhD in Art of Late Antiquity from Rutgers

Masters in early Christian and Medieval art from University at California Riverside

Bachelor of Art from California State University, San Bernardino.



A life-long interest in mythology, folklore, history, and art drives much of Dr. Paulsen Bahmer’s life both personally and professionally. She spent much of her early life west of the Mississippi River in the United States, learning mythology and folklore in her spare time while being actively involved in theatre and the performing arts. Dr. Paulsen Bahmer fell into art history almost by accident a few years after her son was born, receiving her doctorate two years after he graduated from high school. Since then, she has taught the history of art at universities on the east coast of the United States; when she is not teaching art history, she is often either making art or appreciating the artwork of others.


Research Field

Folklore, mythology, and religion in popular culture and the visual arts

Frames and borders, both real and conceptual


Academic Experience

Rutgers, CUNY Staten Island