2022 Workshop Day

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, The Workshop Day of Michael Graves College, Wenzhou-Kean University officially started at Gehekai Hall. Faculty from the School of Design led students to explore a lot of interesting design knowledge and software and broaden their design minds.

Future Poker: Design Future Through Cards

In the workshop, Prof. Maurizio Vrenna and Xia Nan, the researcher from the Institute of Ecological Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, used paper cards to help students think about the future of society. In this activity, students formed 3-5 people groups to make future predictions and based on the paper cards that included time, location, and things to design posters.

Heavy M. Projection Mapping

Based on the light sculpture projection and the software Heavy M, Ferney showed students how to narrate the story of the artist with the art of light through combining virtual and reality. In this workshop, students learned about how to use the software Heavy M and how to achieve the interaction between sound, light, and shadow.

Touch Design Visual Programming

In the TD Visual Programming Workshop, Prof. Yaoyao Huang shared case studies of immersive experiences that combine new technology and art, and analyzed the design methodology behind them. Through interactive design exercise of dynamic poster and audio tracks, students learned the node-based visual programming language of TouchDesign.

Form & Aroma: Material Exploration With Mould Making

In the workshop held by Profs. Shauheng Li and Tom Zhou, they showed students how to use clone powder to make molds and use gypsum powder and soy wax to make models. In addition, through the exploration of smell and shape, students created various models by combining essence oil, dried flowers and plants, gypsum, and soy wax. This workshop brings a new experience to the five senses by exploring the use of different materials.

3D Animation

In Prof. Matthew’s workshop, he showed students how to use blender software to create 3D animation and made some simple animation exercises. Students learned the use of animation software and the production process of 3D animation.

Build A Bridge

Profs. Meng and Han brought an interesting workshop: Build a Bridge. After the show and explanation about the essentials of building a bridge, students participated in the building a bridge competition as a two-people group that used fewer bamboo sticks (no more than 30) to build the strongest bridge.

Chinese Painting

The special artist Qianye MA brought a novel workshop to the students of the School of Design. In the workshop, students started learning from dipping ink with a writing brush to painting crabs and flowers to creating various Chinese painting works in the end.

Silkscreen Printing

Prof. Randy Clark introduced the working process of silkscreen and the essentials of each process. Through the workshop, he helped students to use professional silk screen machines to print the desired pattern on white T-shirts.

Josiny Design Salon

In the Josiny Design Salon, Chen Chaoying, the Marketing Director of Josiny, and Zhang Leiming, the Design Director of Josiny, shared with students how to rejuvenate a brand and how Josiny, as an old-fashioned shoe company getting into the young generation. In addition, they also introduced the logic behind the company’s development and the “national tide” of Josiny Company.

Josiny x MGC Design Intelligence Center inauguration

Josiny x MGC Design Intelligence Center Inauguration was successfully held at the GHK Hall. Through deepening cooperation and cultivating more new design talents, to achieve the coordinated development of education and enterprises. Josiny company donated several 3D printers, VR glasses, and other equipment to the college and donated 1 million to set up Josiny MGC Design Intelligent Center.