Pr.Ralph Spencer Steenblik

The theme:

What to Expect After Architecture School


Location: CBPM room C119

Time: Wednesday of 12st December 18:30 PM


People speaking:

Ralph Spencer Steenblik


December 12, Professor Spencer gave us a lecture which is useful for our architectural study. He brought a wonderful architectural lecture for the presence of nearly 100 teachers and students at CMBP C119. Except the students and teachers in our university, there are a lot of foreign teachers and students and their parents came to the scene to study and enjoy this wonderful academic feast.


At first, he introduced today’s topic, then he talked about designing. He let us know how to design. We should learn principles of designing in school and obey them when we are designing. He showed us some diagrams about what kind of professional people are needed in Architecture and so on.


Then he talked about his own experience. He showed a lot of objects that designed by designers. He also introduced some building projects in which he joined. At last he showed some examples of technologies used in Architecture, such as VR.


Finally, the lecture was happily concluded in the positive question and communication between the teachers and students. All of the students learned a lot.


Image|Ruan Xiuyuan  Song Jingyi

Copywriter|Guo Yupeng  Song Jingyi