The theme of our exhibition is FURNITUREST.

We let students choose the great man they admire among long history, analyze and investigate their most influential works, find out their methodology, summarize it into a formula, and apply it to their methodology of furniture design.

We use this unique method to allow students to find their own design and creation formula, and this set of innovative theories has also become a formula for our furniture teaching. We hope that students will follow the footsteps of great man in the process of design and creation, then leave their greatest work in WKU.


How should we define furniture design today?

This course is a cooperation course between the senior Industrial Design and Interior Design students. We hope that through the topic of “FURNITUREST”, students can re-understand the great man and their theories in the long history from the perspective of design. Based on this topic, students deduced and created their design.What is their understanding of home and furniture? By analyzing the theories of those masters, we think that they have already found some answers.Meanwhile, in nowadays’ era, as a senior student in WKU School of Design, it is also invaluable to use critical thinking to understand the definition of “furniture”.


「 1 」


Sometimes, the eyes can deceive you. Behind the surprises brought by magic is that the magician uses the inherent thinking of the audience, combined with psychological misleading, to control their perception, memory, and reasoning. We want to use the psychology of magic to set up an ambush for users in the form and function of furniture, incorporate magic surprises, and design a set of interactive furniture that breaks people’s inherent thinking.

Yizheng ZHU|朱乙钲

Jiawen WANG|汪嘉雯

Hanying ZHENG|郑涵潆

「 2 」


Georges Méliès is keen to describe frustrating dreams to reflect reality, and we hope that users can think about reality in a meditative void through furniture.

The towering mirrors record only the image of the sacred book on the hand.

Pick up the voice tube, the big disc supports your whisper with light.

Layers of water wrapped in thoughts push the round pieces on the tea table endlessly.

Yuxuan DU|杜宇轩

Linyu MAO|毛琳瑜

「 3 」


Furniture should not be defined directly; it can bring about changes in the user’s senses and behavior. ROTATOR “Hypnotic Furniture” does not limit the functionality of the furniture but wants to increase the interaction between people and the furniture; ROTATOR is also like hypnosis is a cycle, it brings a dizzying experience through the senses of sight and smell, repetitive rotation.

Fanshu JIN|金凡舒

Biying WU|吴必盈

Buge YAO|姚卜阁

「 4 」


The name of our furniture brand is Cipher. In this collection of furniture, our inspiration and the basic principle is Samuel Morse’s representative work – Morse code. Morse code is a way to transmit information privately and our design mainly focus on the interaction between human and furniture. The color we mainly use is sage green because the color is reminiscent of communication tools such as the old-fashioned telegraph, it takes people back to the context of encrypted communication and echoes our basic principles.

Fanyi BO|博凡益

Sihan JIN|金思含

Yixuan CHEN|陈一萱

「 5 」


Music is the art of melodic convergence of beauty, and furniture is the artifact that interprets it. As one of the first jazz players to use bebop, Charlie Parker used the conflicting nature of the passing note in bebop to create a jazz sound with tension and a high degree of freedom. PASSING releases the stability of the shape and realizes the possibility of function by adding a conflicting connector to the furniture. And opens up the aesthetics of the furniture with the background color of music.

Zehai YUAN|袁泽海

Muzi LI|李木子

Chenyou ZHAO|赵陈优

「 6 」


The Sonnet furniture was inspired by William Shakespeare, the world’s greatest playwright and poet of the European Renaissance. He made an incredible creation and influence on English literature.

We analyzed the iambic pentameter regulation in his poems and tried to use these specific syllables in furniture. When people interact and use these pieces of furniture, they will feel the rhythm of the iambic pentamer from Shakespeare. The interactions are romantic and poetic, and the details are hidden in the relationship between the string and the people.

Yili LIANG|梁以理

Shuqi ZHU|朱淑琪

「 7 」


The design theme of furniture is to explore the relationship between object motion state and time. We find that the concepts of stillness and rotation in Christopher Nolan’s Inception have been emphasized all the time, and the speed of rotation will be affected by human factors. So we designed these three pieces of furniture according to this theory. These three types of furniture can present two states of stillness and rotation and the layering of dreams.

Yinyuan XU|许馨元

Sutong SHI|施苏桐

「 8 」


This group of furniture uses the famous physicist Faraday’s principle of cutting the magnetic field line. When the conductor cuts the magnetic field line at any angle, an electric current is generated. When the conductor is parallel to the lines of magnetic field, no current flows. In our furniture, the telescope shines on the mirror, and through the mirror it is refracted onto the lamp, which emits light.

Lanlan CAI|蔡兰兰

Yuyao YING|应誉瑶

Yiyan LIN|林奕妍

「 9 」


Chaplin is a comedy master from England, film producer and composer. He has many famous mimes, such as the Gold Rush, the Circus, and the Modern times. Through analysis of many films of Chaplin, we can conclude that he is good at using the image of a tramp and showing a funny side with exaggerated actions and attitudes. The furniture we designed imitates Chaplin’s walking by changing the variables in the formula: behavior, expression, and posture to show interesting effects. The focus of furniture will change constantly with the interaction between people and it. Let people experience Chaplin’s rhythm through the shaking of home.

Lin JIN|金麟

Anqi ZHU|朱安琪

Xukai SU|苏煦凯

「 10 」


“HAZE” series furniture is inspired by the butterfly effect proposed by meteorologist and mathematician Edward Norton Lorenz. The furniture itself is 1, and the customer is a variable of 0.0001. The furniture will undergo unknown changes every time the customer inadvertently uses it. Finally, each piece of furniture is unique.

Yi WEI|魏一

Jialei WU|吴嘉蕾

Jinying FU|傅今滢

「 11 」


Inspired by Cattell’s 16 personality factors, MOK has developed its branding formula: XA + XB + XN = Furniture, X representing the degree of variation, and A, B, and N representing the interaction between the users and the furniture.

Each squeeze, spin, and collision between the ball and the air film will give rise to different sparks due to the different levels of use by different personalities.

We expect you to forget worries and embrace freedom with every touch.

Sa CHEN|陈飒

Shutong YANG|杨舒童

Jiayue TAO|陶嘉悦

「 12 」


“)(” series furniture is inspired by the novel “Murder on the Orient Express” written by Agatha Christie. We use the function formula to conclude that “truth” is composed of continuously enumerated assumptions. There will always be truths and lies in it. “)(” series is a large-scale modular ground game furniture. That is, from opening the package, you will experience the immersive experience of finding out the “truth” through your “assumptions”.

Minqi HU|胡旻琦

Chunxin ZHENG|郑淳心

「 13 」


Schrodinger’s cat is in a state of both nonexistence and nonexistence. Our furniture is dedicated to the philosophy of superposition, showing the superposition of the past and the present. It is not furniture with a definite state. Every use of furniture is the past state, and every use is the superposition of the present and the present. This state can bring customers a different sense of experience and break through the state of furniture without language. It can interact with people and express the sense of the use of furniture in the language of philosophy.

Shihan ZHANG|章诗涵

Zijie JIN|金子杰

Qingnan JIANG|蒋清楠

「 14 」


The main language of our furniture products is spiral, according to James Dewey Watson’s discovery of the DNA double helix, which became an important part of our furniture, is that the shape of a particular angle is the circle, which we define as a change in timeline. As the timeline changes, the connection between human behavior and the product. The helical structure of DNA manifests itself in different forms in three dimensions.

Zekai ZENG|曾泽楷

Yun ZHONG|仲鋆

Yuhong PEI|裴雨虹

「 15 」


The three furniture players in 2MP are performers in different fields of life. They involuntarily but passively turn their bodies consciously. The core is Maslow’s pyramidal class needs. The three pieces of furniture are produced when human needs are not satisfied but advanced needs, Preserving a stream of consciousness of “one wave of unrest and another wave of resurgence”. It expresses our thinking about society, desires, and a better life. The root cause is people’s longing for a better life.

Yiheng ZHONG|钟易衡

Xuyue ZHENG|郑栩玥

Jinghan GAO|高婧涵

「 16 」


About our three pieces of furniture, the smallest part is for insects, just like turning over a rock, you can find a lot of insects under it. The middle part is for small mammals, such as cats and dogs, and the largest part is for humans, people can sit on it. The unity and harmony of the three truly achieve the equality of man and nature.

Ruixuan QI|齐睿轩

Danmeng HE|贺丹萌

「 17 」

Naughty Boys

Naughty Boys is a collection of themed furniture designs using the binary conversion principle, which is composed of the simplest yet bright yellow geometric shapes and seat belts. Seat belts, because we want to restrain a naughty child. But does it really work?

Siyu ZANG|臧斯雨

Xiwen CHEN|陈希雯