Lecture of Dr. Li Yi

The theme:
Finding Bresson – Graphic design on my animation

Location: A101, CBPM
Time: oct 24, 2018 (Wednesday) at 6pm

People speaking:
Li yi Dr. Li yi
Normal university Hangzhou Doctor, institute of media animation, China academy of fine arts

The 10th Seoul international animation festival
Best flash animation, China international animation festival special network animation,
Best new artist at the fifth academy of animation, by Beijing film academy
The champion of China, Pitch Project organized the annecy international animation film festival
2016 Beijing design week was selected by international contemporary Chinese ink design exhibition
4th China illustration award (Hong Kong)

Analysis of the cultural nationalism of character representation and design in the heaven animation disc, ISBN: 9787550315549
Character design, ISBN: 9787515319179
Comic-book test score, ISBN: 9787550304499

Dr. Li yi’s lecture: “Finding Bresson” – The influence of graphic design on my animation creation
24, 2018

Li yi believes that graphic software has a profound influence on design style: different graphics software makes different works, different people have different styles, different styles will lead to different effects. Like Photoshop, Flash, Painter, Coreldraw.

Flash and Coreldraw are two commonly used animation software of Li Yi. In 2005, the animation “slimming down” adopted Coreldraw software, with bold colors, detailed characters and vivid and lifelike plots.

In 2003, li yi’s early experiment of graphic language application “fragrance” – the initial combination of texture and figure.
The animation “Finding bresson” is li yi’s student work, which has been revised several times and selected into the 2017 French Fontevraud animation artist residency program. It’s a sentimental fairy tale, of the blind girl cat in the company of Bresson’s dog, who crosses obstacles and finds her own eyes, and finally finds hers, but she will never see her friend.
Finding pines is li yi’s process of creating new texture effects. The girl’s figure is finally rendered in Fumage. Smoking is a unique form of expression that makes a cat’s image more recognizable. (smoking: after branding paper with a candle, polish it with a brush/feather, etc.) They are warmer than film, but not as sultry as painting. Vivid, artistic, delicate and not rigid. Therefore, the image of a cat gives a sense of lightness and transparency. The use of smoking techniques in animation is even more unique and memorable.





Image | LIU Xinyi

Copywriter | LIU Xinyi