Let’s Charrette x Sustainable Campus Competition

Let’s Charrette x Sustainable Campus Competition was a huge successthis year! On May 14th, Let’s Charrette x Sustainable Campus Competition– Final Presentation Day took place for the first time in Ge Hekai Hall, organizedby the Wenzhou-Kean School of Design at Michael Graves College, the newlyestablished Design Innovation and Sustainability Center, and the StudentCommittee on Sustainability.

The competition focused on the interpretation and conceptualization of sustainablecampus development. Teams were required to envision sustainable creative designsolutions for different scenarios on campus within a month, with the theme of “Sustainablecampus life.” 25 teams and over 120 students, mainly from the College ofArchitecture and Design, College of Business and Public Management, and Collegeof Liberal Arts, participated in the competition.

The participating teams received professional guidance from the facultyof four colleges, showing excellent design works that are forward-looking andin line with the concept of sustainable campus development.


After a careful evaluation by the jury members, teams “Command N,” “5guys,”and “Yes! Yes!” stood out because of their remarkable design concepts,professional design solutions, and excellent presentation.

Command N团队

Team Members 团队成员:


Mentor: Mengxi Cui

The teammembers introduced in the interview that “The Plastic Plan Out focuses onsolving a specific pain point on campus – the recycling of plastic products. Atthe same time, the project has a high degree of participation and feasibility,”“Starting from sustainability, focusing on keywords such as plasticproducts, waste, energy, health, subsistence farms, etc., the project isarranged in delivery stations, Shizu, canteens, fruit shops, etc., and a seriesof alternative and recyclable design solutions are presented.”

5 guys团队

Team Members:杜宇轩、叶佳臻、张恒希、姚震泽、汤央

Mentor: Yinxuan Zhou

The team members introduced in the interview that “Bye! Receiptsproject is committed to solving the waste of paper resources and conforming tothe trend of De-Receipts.” “We hope to use a virtual currency called COOKEY totransform environmental behavior (value flow) and at the same time achieve a highlevel of awareness. This virtual currency can incentivize students to solvetheir receipt problem, but it can also encourage students to participate inmore sustainable activities, such as recycling bottles, delivery boxes and othermaterials.”

啊对对队(Yes! Yes! ) 团队

Team Members:陈锦楷、崔宁、单昕瑜、杨思匀、徐宇轩

Mentor: Ferney Aragon

The team members introduced in the interview that “The CommunityFarm project focuses on farm-oriented community construction, and thissustainable community will connect people and nature.” “The system is entirelysustainable and divided into four main parts: farm, market, currency, and lake.An intuitive digital app is used to manage a network of farmers and volunteers.”

Jury Members

Zheng Xiaodong, Ph.D, Vice-Chancellor, WKU

Huang Yaoyao, Executive Director, MGC

Vincent Peu Duvallon, Executive Director, MGC

Maurizio Vrenna, Ph.D., Director of DesignInnovation and Sustainability Center, WKU

Robert Marjerison, Advisor for StudentCommittee on Sustainability, WKU

Zhu Jialu, Student Committee on SustainabilityRepresentative, WKU

Xie An, Student Committee on SustainabilityRepresentative, WKU

Thanks again to the participating teams, mentors, and jury members fortheir contribution to the sustainable development of the campus!